Introduction to a new suite of Sport Science and Coaching Degrees

We’ll be honest when the fantastic team over at Purple Edit Media asked us to get involved as their aerial unit with a shoot for Ipswich Town Football Club (ITFC) and University Campus Suffolk (UCS) we were very excited.

The shoot was to aid the promotion of the new Sports Science and Coaching Degrees that were being offered by UCS in conjunction with the support of ITFC.

We were asked to acquire some aerial images from two specific locations: firstly the iconic waterfront campus building of the university and then also the ITFC stadium itself.  Logistically both presented their challenges as relevant permissions had to be obtained from land owners nearby to provide sites for us to take off and land our aerial video platform or drone.  Once that was all clear we drew up a detailed flight plan to illustrate our approach to the shoot and what we could achieve legally and safely.

The day of the shoot couldn’t have been better – well, early on anyway.  We started at the most public location, the waterfront, very early in the day so as to minimise any potential interaction with the pedestrians or aquatic traffic on the marina.  Luckily at this point it was very quiet, the sun was shining and the wind was calm.  We were delighted with the images we recorded and progressed to our second location.

Once at ITFC, we had a small amount of preparation to do and that was fine as our clearance to use the pitch needed to just be confirmed.  We knew we weren’t going to have many attempts at getting the shot because the pitch was being prepared for a match day that weekend so it was vital we understood the brief from our director.  With the wind blowing now much more considerably than earlier in the day and, due to the confines of the stadium, swirling too, the flight was much more complicated and needed our entire focus.  Being very professional we actually nailed the shot on the first attempt and it’s the main opening shot of the video above!

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