Lodge Park Business Centre

Aerial photography can make a real impact in a businesses marketing portfolio, especially if you have a cracking location to showcase.  In the case of Lodge Park Business Centre this is exactly why they decided we’d be ideal to capture their premises from the sky.

The weather for the shoot was very good indeed, (and in traditionally British style) almost too good.  The site was perfect for us as we had no problem accessing the site, were able to obtain all of the necessary permissions required quickly and get flying.  We always conduct a thorough risk assessment when we get to site and by preferring to work a s two man team this helps us get ready to fly much more efficiently as one member of the crew carries out the necessary paperwork whilst the other preps the aircraft for task.

Lodge Park were delighted with the images and commented that it was lovely to see the site from a different perspective.  The best they’d managed before is with a long set of arms and a top floor window!

Project Info

  • Client: Lodge Park Offices
  • Task: Aerial Photography
  • sUAS Pilot: Adam Howard-Dobson
  • Camera Operator: Alex Cameron