The Big Hospital Experiment

We were so happy to be helping Blast! Films again to gathering aerial images for this new show. The series focuses on fourteen 18-24-year-olds who have signed up to volunteer at the Royal Derby Hospital for six weeks. None of them have worked on a hospital ward before and some of them are yet to have a full-time job at all. They are mentored by senior nurse Karen, who is monitoring their progress and assessing whether the scheme could work long term for the NHS. Karen has been qualified for 32 years and hopes that the new volunteers have the resilience to handle life on the wards.

Once again this was a technical shoot that required us to make good use of our Operating Safety Case. Royal Derby Hospital sits in a densely populated area and also has its own Helipad so it was vital that we were in constant communication with them at all times.

Project Info

  • Client: Blast! Films for BBC Two
  • Task: Aerial Cinematography for Broadcast
  • sUAS Pilot: Adam H-D and Alex Cameron
  • Camera Operator: Alex Cameron and Adam H-D
Blast! Films